Water Polo League - season open

On December 15th, 2012 University of Lodz we produced a live webcast from the opening of the Polish Water Polo League 2012/2013 season.

The 5-camera setup used the HD Flight Pack, extended with additional on-screen graphics system and custom-built package presenting the necessary details about the game. The cameras included the Panasonic HPX-371, HPX-250 and a GoPro Hero HD2 for a beauty shot, mounted overhead the pool.

Paweł Mrugalski: This was our second water polo match. We have done the first one in may this year.

Thanks to a close cooperation with the Water Polo section of the Polish Swimming Association, the webcast was also extended with a voice-over commentary. The commentators with head-mounted microphones were placed on the stands with the rest of the public and supplied with a line monitor to follow the game on screen. The recording of the game produced included two stereo audio tracks: one with and one without commentary.